How We Work

We aim to help you get and stay on track to your destination, even as your life, the markets, and the economy change. Not all goals are created equal, so investing in them as such may not be the best plan. We create an investment strategy that provides for short-term needs while empowering you to accept reasonable risk for goals with longer time frames. The idea is to separate cash management decisions from investment strategy. The stock or bond market may go down in a given year, but we’ll take precautions to meet your day-to-day income needs. You may not be happy when your statement arrives, but your lifestyle will not need to be altered because we have prepared for the ever-changing financial environment. For the last 35 years, our clients and their needs have been our top priorities. Whatever your situation is, we look forward to serving you!

Retirement Planning

Retirement is a fantastic thing. More time to spend with your kids, traveling, vacations, and all your big dreams you've been waiting to finally experience! In order to take full advantage of all these opportunities, you need a meticulous planning strategy. That means your investments need to continue growing long after you stop working to keep pace with inflation and reduce the risk of outliving your money.

We help clarify how much of your savings you may need to move into the next stage of your life, all while maintaining your lifestyle. When you approach the career finish line, it's our job to make the most of the money that you worked hard for. Together, we simply help empower you to have the freedom of choices that take you into the next stage of life, making it all the sweeter. 

Investment & Tax Planning

All goals are not created equal. Keeping that in mind, we have investment strategies that empower you to accept reasonable risk for goals with longer time frames.

We also work with you to actively manage your tax situation before and throughout retirement. Whether it is planning for the upcoming tax year or minimizing tax impact years down the road, we use state-of-the art software and expertise to ensure there will be no surprises when filing. Our tax planning also extends to inheritance and estate scenarios, ensuring a smooth transition of wealth to your heirs.

Estate Planning

The term "Estate Planning" refers to the preparation of tasks that serve to manage an individual's financial situation in the event of their incapacitation or death. The planning includes the bequest of assets to heirs and the settlement of estate taxes and debts, along with other considerations like the guardianship of minors and pets. We find that the estate planning process is often overlooked, but with proactive preparation can provide peace of mind and a smooth transition in trying times. 



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