Thanksgiving Greetings From PMM

November 27, 2023

It’s Thanksgiving!  A day to embrace gratitude.  I am embarking upon a new tradition.  A letter of gratitude to reflect upon the year.  In times of constant turmoil, I am thankful for the institutions that are the foundation of this great country of ours.  I’m thankful for our religious freedoms.  It was not so long ago, that my forefathers came to this country to find a land where they may express their religious beliefs without fear of persecution and death.  I am thankful for the United States of America Constitution which presumes individual liberty, and concedes only certain, limited and necessary authority to the federal government.  I am thankful for the Federal Reserve System that provides our nation with a safer, flexible and stable monetary and financial system.  Most of all, I am thankful for our fellow citizens that work tirelessly everyday to make this the greatest country in the world.

The highlight of my year has been watching my son, Jacob, and daughter, Danielle, continue to grow personally and professionally.  Jake and Danielle are sharing an apartment in Greensburg.  This move brought Jake closer to his work, here at Professional Money Management, and Danielle is within walking distance to her new employer, Eric Smith Salon.  It is a wonderful hair salon.  Eric provides the mentorship opportunities and clientele to allow Danielle to share her creativity and enhance clients’ self-esteem and confidence.    

It has been a mixed bag for my wife, Toni, this year.  We started off the year with both of us battling food poisoning.  You know what they say about good intentions.  I thought we might take advantage of the Martin Luther King, Jr. federal holiday to enjoy a show and dinner in Pittsburgh.  Well, four months later my stomach functions returned to “normal”.  Toni didn’t struggle as long as I, but maybe it was because she was distracted with dental issues for those six months.  Toni continues to work at Renda Broadcasting in Greensburg as an advertising executive.  She keeps threatening to retire, but I think she likes it too much to do that anytime soon.  Toni satisfied her maternal instincts with the addition of latest puppy, Roxy, this year.

Having attended more funerals than weddings this year reminds me how short life is and highlights what is important in life.  As it relates to our work at Professional Money Management, what is important are the people.  Yes, there is usually money involved, along with tax planning, estate planning and risk management strategies, but at the end of the day, it’s always about the people.  It is the people who have toiled thirty or forty years to get where they are today.  It is their dreams we work hard, every day, to achieve or maintain.  It is the people they care about that matters – their children, grandchildren and extended family members. 

What we have seen, the lessons handed down about money, are one of the most valuable lessons we may give our children.  What we teach our children about money has a significant impact on their character.  I may point to dozens of examples where the children of our clients were either grateful or entitled, successful in their own right or waiting for an inheritance.  Seeing the tie in between the character of our clients’ children and the lessons they learn about money has solidified our resolve to continue to provide financial education for the adult children of our clients.  While we can’t change the lessons learned earlier in life, we may provide them a source to go where they are safe to ask “dumb” questions or admit they don’t know something.  I want to encourage you to speak to your children this Thanksgiving about the importance of financial education in leading successful and productive lives.

This year we achieved many honors in the firm.  We are proud to have another Certified Financial Planner® on our team.  Gregory Holzer CFP® successfully completed this professional designation in 2023.  In addition, Brandon Leeder passed the life, accident and health insurance exam and now a licensed agent.  Jacob Hostetler successfully passed the Series 7 exam.

While we are grateful to be recognized as the best Financial Planning firm in Westmoreland County in 2023 by our clients and colleagues, what has been far more valuable to us is to be recognized by our clients who gave us a record number of prospective client referrals this year.  One, it is gratifying to see our clients value the work we have done for them enough to want to inspire their friends and colleagues to seek out the same planning experience.  Second, it is humbling to see how much our clients care about their friends and family members and want to make sure their financial road map is clearly lite.  Thank you to all of you who have made introductions on our behalf; we are truly grateful for your advocacy and active good will.

As the founder of this firm, I am so grateful to have a team who work together to help our clients pursue their goals.  As I focus on high level initiatives and staying up to speed on the two threats that impact our clients – market meltdowns and legal threats, it is our team of advisors and relationship managers who handle the day-to-day operations of the business and serve our clients with top notch financial advice.  We stay committed to our firm motto: “Together Through Retirement”.  Everything we do is viewed through that lens so we may pour each decision through the filter of that commitment. 

We hope your holidays are spent with family and friends.  Know we are grateful for your business and friendship; we will always do our best to give you confidence about your financial future.

Warm Regards,

Dan Hostetler